• To realise the vocational potential of their Leaving Certificate subjects.
  • To become self confident, innovative and resourceful.
  • To acquire attitudes and skills appropriate to adult life, the world of work and enterprise.
  • To explore career opportunities in areas relevant to their vocational subject grouping and/or personal aspirations.
  • To interact effectively with and learn from adults in the community.
  • To utilise local business and community enterprises as learning resources.
  • To draw together knowledge, skills and expertise from a variety of sources to accomplish set goals.



The primary goal of the LCVP is to prepare young people for adult life by ensuring that they are educated in the broadest sense, with an ability to cope and thrive in an environment of rapid change. Participants in the programme are encouraged to develop skills and competencies fundamental to both academic and vocational success.

The Link Modules, Preparation for the World of Work and Enterprise Education, are units of study which students must follow over the two years of the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme. Their purpose is to foster in young people a spirit of enterprise and initiative, to develop their communicative, organisational and technological skills and encourage them toward vocational maturity. The modules are designed to be combined flexibly with each other and should be implemented in close integration with the vocational subjects taken by the student.



• Introduction to Working Life
• Job-seeking Skills
• Career Investigation
• Work Placement
• Enterprise Skills
• Local Business Enterprise
• Local Voluntary Organisations / Community Enterprises
•  An Enterprise Activity



Assessment, which is at a common level, comprises two elements -

  1. A Terminal Examination Paper - 2 Hours 30 Minutes - 40%
  2. A Portfolio of Coursework - Assembled over 2 years of the course - 60% 



Requirements for the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme, which is of two years’ duration, are as follows:

  • LCVP students must take a minimum of five Leaving Certificate Subjects (at Higher, Ordinary or Foundation Level) including Irish. If you are exempt from Irish, you must choose another subject to ensure you have 5 established Leaving Certificate subjects.
  • They must study the two Link Modules, namely Preparation for the World of Work and Enterprise Education.



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