Special Educational Needs

Mission Statement

In the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Department we want our students to achieve their maximum potential, access appropriate support to enable them to access the curriculum and develop a clear idea of the possibilities available to them after leaving school. We want our students experience of secondary school to be positive, fulfilling and one in which the educational, behavioural, social and emotional needs of the individual student are supported.


The aim of the SEN department is to provide a support service for any individual student who requires additional help to access the curriculum due special education needs.  We aim to respond to our student’s needs with reference to the NEPS Continuum of Support framework. This framework recognises that special educational needs occur along a continuum, ranging from mild to severe; from transient to long term and that students require different levels of support depending on their identified needs.

SEN Allocation model
Special Educational needs resources are allocated based on the NEPS Continuum of support model:


A Continuum of Support



Subject topics/syllabus content:

• Transition from primary school to secondary school.
• Literacy and numeracy.
• Paired-reading.
• Behaviour plans.
• Organisation support.
• Study skills.
• Curricular support.
• Transition from secondary to third level education.

• Cognitive Abilities Test 4 – prior to entry.
• Ongoing literacy and numeracy assessment.
• Student Support Plan (Plus Plan) review.
• Differentiated in-class assessment.

Reasonable Accommodations

• State Examinations: (RACE Reasonable Accommodations in Certificate Examinations)
Applications for reasonable accommodations are made in 3rd year and 6th year for students who meet the State Examinations criterion.

• House Examinations: The school facilitates, where practicable, reasonable accommodations for students who may meet State Examinations Criterion.

Disability Access Route To Education (DARE)

DARE applications are made through the Career Guidance Department with the support of the Special Educational Needs team.

Third level education
We have established links with the support departments of a range of third level colleges and follow on programmes.

New pupils
When you accept a place for your son in Midleton C.B.S. it is vital that the school is made aware of any special education needs immediately.

The school must be furnished with all documentation relevant to your son’s special educational needs.

To make contact with a member of the Special Educational Needs team please phone the main office or contact through the website contact page.

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