The senior cycle aims is a continuation, to a more advanced level, of the aims at Junior Cycle level: that is to provide the student with a set of personal attitudes and qualities as well as skills and processes and a sense of the aesthetic. Through practical engagement in the areas of art, craft and design students will develop self confidence, inquisitiveness, imagination, and creativity. They will also develop authentic, real world problem-solving capacities and the capacity to work over time, as an individual and in groups, on the design and execution of artistic and aesthetic tasks.

Art will also develop important skills such as communication both written and visual, information processing, critical thinking as well as further developing the student’s own confidence to become more personally effective and also how to work with others.



Art at senior cycle is a continuation of the skills in junior cycle however at a more advanced level. It is a subject that promotes teaching and learning through art, craft and design. For adolescents and young adults, this involves becoming familiar with and applying the elements of art and principles of design, and the knowledge and skills associated with these processes, their histories and their contemporary practices. Visual Art also recognises and rewards a number of different forms of intelligence, including emotional intelligence; it develops personal qualities of expression and empathy.


Leaving Certificate art is made up of four units linked together and based on the everyday visual experience of the student's own environment.

The practical work can include Life Sketching, Still Life, Imaginative Composition, Design and Craftwork. Students also study the History and Appreciation of Art, which covers Irish and European Art, and Art Appreciation.

Craftwork: Poster design/ Lino Block printmaking
Irish Art: Focus on Archaeology.
Stone Bronze and Iron Ages and Early Christian Art in Ireland.
European Art: Focus on painting
Italian painting: Giotto, the Early Renaissance, the High Renaissance and Venice.
French painting: Impressionism, as well as Post impressionism and Cubism.
Appreciation Of Art: Focus on their everyday experience of Art. 
Gallery visit trip in 6th year for 2 days (Newgrange/ National Gallery of Ireland / National Museum of Ireland (Archaeology)
Film / interior design including gardens / product design/ graphic design/ public sculpture/



A brief breakdown of the assessment criteria for the LC exam (project %, final exam % etc.)
Also please add the possible levels available - foundation, ordinary, higher, common etc.

Ordinary and Higher levels only.

Approximately 40% Art History 60% practical.

Revision to Assessment Arrangements for Leaving Certificate Art (for first examination in 2018)
Revised arrangements are being put in place for students entering Leaving Certificate Year 1 in September 2016 and taking their examinations in 2018 and thereafter. The revision to the practical components will include execution of the Imaginative Composition or Still Life component and the Craft or Design component as coursework in schools over an extended period of time. Both components will also be based on a single set of stimulus materials. The Life Sketching and History and Appreciation of Art examinations will continue to be held at the same time of year as they are currently.



Art is useful in a very broad range of careers. It essentially enhances other skill sets as well as enhancing one’s life experience. From one’s home (interior design teaches students how to beautify their personal environment) to holiday experiences (one learns how to get the best out of a gallery or museum visit) as well as simply learning to appreciate our own local heritage, Art helps students face life with passion and creativity.

It is essential for the hospitality sector and any career dealing with heritage and or tourism at any level. Other careers that directly use Art are:
Interior designer
Graphic Design / digital media
Industrial design
Furniture design
Garden/ horticulture
Crafts person


Images below are of 6th year project artwork completed as part of the requirements for the leaving certificate Art by a 2018 student Brian Moynihan. 

Graphic Organiser of the title “Connected”. 

Observational drawings of a mechanical object and then used as a starting point for pattern designs. 

Final proposal ideas for an imaginative composition “Connection”

Final Artwork A2 in size; imaginative composition. 

Artwork ideas working towards a poster (in the workbook)

Final proposal ideas for a poster using “connected” as a starting point

Final Poster A2 in size. 





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