• To contribute to a balanced and appropriate general education, leading to the personal and social development of students through a study of business and enterprise.
  • To encourage initiative and self-reliance in each student and help prepare them for participation in a changing business environment for adult and working life and also as a basis for further education.
  • To develop a clear understanding of the role of enterprise, to encourage the development of appropriate enterprise learning skills, and to generate in students a positive and ethical attitude to enterprise in personal, business and public life.
  • To develop a critical understanding of the overall environment in which business functions.



Business for Leaving Certificate is concerned with the understanding of the environment in which business operates in Ireland and in the wider world. It also involves equipping the students with a positive view of enterprise and its applications in the business environment, in both the public and private sectors.


The syllabus is broken down into three sections:
Section A : People in Business
This includes topics such as :
 Introduction to people in business People and their relationships in business
  Conflicting interests and how they are resolved

Section B : Enterprise & Management
This includes topics such as :
 Enterprise Introduction and definition of enterprise
  Entrepreneurs and enterprise skills
 Introduction and definition of management
  Managers and management skills
  Management activities
 Household and business manager
  Human resource management
 Changing role of management
 Monitoring the business
 Business in action
 Identifying opportunities
 Marketing
 Getting started
 Expansion

Section C : Environment
This includes topics such as :
 Domestic environment
 Categories of industry
 Types of business organisation
 Community development
 Business and the economy
 Government and business
 Social responsibilities of business
 International environment
 Introduction to the international trading environment
 European Union
 International business



There is a full 3 hour exam for Leaving Certificate Business Students



This list is endless but here are some of the Career choices former Business Students from this school have ventured into
 Managers
 Company Secretary
 Loans executive
 Human Resource manager
 Certified Financial Planner
 Economist
 Venture capitalist
 Agriculture Economists
 Accountants
 Banking
 Teachers
 Stock Brokers

Some Useful Links :

Each year Leaving Certificate Business Students go on a Subject School Tour, this has proved very beneficial in the Applied Business Question and for the students to get actual experience of the workings of a factory, Advertising agency, Multinational corporation, Indigenous companies etc.

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