Through active exploration and study of citizenship at all levels (personal, local, national, global) in the context of contemporary social and political issues, this course aims to:

  • Make pupils aware of the civic, social and political dimensions of their lives and the importance of active, participative citizens to the life of the state and all people. 
  • Encourage and develop the practical skills which enable pupils to engage in active, participatory social interaction, and to adopt responsible roles as individual, family member, citizen, worker, consumer, and member of various communities within a democratic society. 
  • Develop the autonomous potential of pupils as socially literate, independent and self-confident young people. 
  • Encourage pupils to apply positive attitudes, imagination and empathy in learning about, and encountering, other people and cultures. 
  • Enable pupils to develop their critical and moral faculties in agreement with a system of values based in human nghts and social responsibilities. 
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of processes taking place at all levels of society which lead to social, political and economic decision - making.



Objectives are outlined in terms of knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes/values. An appropriate vehicle for the achievement of these objectives within Civic, Social and Political Education is active, participatory class-work where the emphasis is on learning-by-doing. Throughout their work on this course pupils should have practical experience of the types of activity listed below.

For example, contacting a community or voluntary organisation for information

For example, an information-swapping activity or ranking activity on a set of opinions, options, photographs etc.

For example, participation in a voting exercise based on an issue debated or campaigned upon

For example, organising a school display for other pupils about an
issue studied; organising a petition on an issue pupils feel strongly
about; organising a guest speakerto talk to the class.


As the allocation for CSPE is under 100 hours in Midleton CBS, the subject will not be formally assessed at the Junior Certificate.

However, informal assessment is continuous through project work, course work and student self assessment and peer assessment.

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