Erasmus+ continues via Zoom.

13 December, 2020

Exploring Europe – Erasmus Plus project 2019-21

Since the lockdown no travel has been possible and we had to forfeit planned trips to Bulgaria, Greece and Brussels much to everyone’s dismay.  However, technology is such that online work can continue and we have had Zoom meetings with our partners during the last few months.  In May we examined how digitally literate our schools were through a questionnaire to staff, students and parents.  These results were analysed and each country presented their findings in presentations to the others.

On our return in September we examined the topic of Nationalism and each country further developed their knowledge on migrant groups and how racism can emerge.  In Ireland various exercises around this topic were tackled inGerman, Art and Politics and Society classes.  We looked at stereotypes in Ireland and Germany and groups who experience discrimination. We made a digital quiz for other countries to play on Irish stereotypes.  We designed and posted some anti racism posters on our website.  The art class produced a beautiful exhibition of work dealing with welcoming strangers to our land.  Together all the countries produced a glossary of terms associated with this topic and deliberated definitions and discussed how examples of each is found in each country.

At the end of November we again met online to compare our findings and divulge our experiences.  Our students shared their findings via Zoom and then listened while the Germans told us how they had taken a trip to a nearby concentration camp and also had a former refugee who shared his testimony as a virtual class speaker and held a Q & session.  Greece had a different experience as they are still out of school and focused on their recent immigration from war torn Syria.  Bulgaria is also still on lockdown and working fully online, they presented their work on historical migrations and the Bulgarian experience since joining the EU.  Finland continue to work on this topic, but no students joined us as school was over for the day.  Students were given time to chat with each other too and ask questions of each other.  I think this was their favourite part! 

We hope to have a few more virtual meetings as long as travel is off the cards. Who knows though we may yet get to Germany in May 2021!


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