TY Subject Sampling Choices

06 August, 2020

Parents/Guardians of incoming Transition Year students have been issued via text with log in details to VSware to complete their son’s Transition Year subject sampling choices.


Link for VSware: midletoncbs.vsware.ie


**Please note there is no submit button on the options page. Your choices are automaticly saved and submitted to us.**

Parents are presented with 3 subject groupings (below). You and your son are asked to choose two subjects from each grouping. Your son will study ONE from each grouping for the first 8 weeks then study a different 3 for the next 7/8 weeks. Please do not pick the same subject in two different groupings.
Every effort will be made to give your son his first choice however this may not be possible. He will be able to sample it on the next rotation.

Subject groupings and code explanation
Grouping 1GEO: Geography, MUS: Music, CON: Construction Studies, PHY: Physics, BUS: Business, PEX: Physical Education (Exam)

Grouping 2BIO: Biology, ECO: Economics, DCG: Design and Communication Graphics, CHE: Chemistry, ART: Art, HIS: History

Grouping 3GEO: Geography, AGS: Agricultural Science, BIO: Biology, TNO: Technology, ACC: Accounting, P&S: Politics & Society

Over the course of the year your son will sample 12 subjects.

In May 2021 you and your son will be asked to choose subjects which he will study for Leaving Certificate. Your son’s class is timetabled for classes with the Career Guidance department where information will be given over the course of the year on that choice.

Your son will continue to study Irish, English, Maths and French/German. Students not studying French or German will study IT and workshop skills at that time. In addition, participation in Religious Education (non-exam), Physical Education (non-exam), LCVP, Career Guidance and TY Modules is compulsory.

We ask that this be completed by Noon Wednesday 12th August.

Additional information and instructions can be found at the below links.
Instructions on logging in to VSware for the first time: https://support.vsware.ie/parents-guide-to-vsware
Instructions on completing the subject preferences can be found here: https://support.vsware.ie/a-parent-entering-subject-preferences
Information on each subject: index.cfm/page/individualsubjects2
Career Guidance: index.cfm/page/careerguidane 

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