Wheatfield Prison Governor - Presentation to 6th Years

20 December, 2019

Pat Murphy, a Governor from Wheatfield Prison gave a talk to 6th Years on his experiences. The presentation covered all aspects of Prison life and the work done in a Prison to rehabilitate offenders, including a wide range of training workshops that operate within Wheatfield, e.g. printing, computers, woodwork, metalwork, construction, craft and horticulture. In addition, essential services for the prisons i.e. catering, laundry services and industrial cleaning are done by Prisoners for Prisoners. Students got to hear first hand, the reality of Prison life and harrowing stories of humanity at its rawest. The talk then explored the dangers of drugs and how they can destroy lives, families and society. The presentation concluded with the rewarding aspects of being a Prison Officer and the real change you can make to someone’s life.

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