First Ever Rugby Trophy for Midleton CBS

17 April, 2019

The King Cup is coming to Midleton CBS as the school wins its first ever rugby trophy.

Having previously been paired off against difficult opponents such as Pobal Scoil Na Trionoide, St Joseph’s CBS Nenagh, Tralee CBS and Newtown School, Midleton CBS students have beaten the odds to bring home the trophy. 
On Thursday the 11th of April, Midleton CBS participated in the final of the School's Under 16 King Cup against Rice College Ennis. This was no easy feat as the Midleton school boys had been defeated at club level by the same group just three weeks prior.
The team were well prepared and focused going into the game and within the first five minutes dived over the left hand corner to put the first five points on the board.
They kept calm and collected after having found the chink in the oppositions defence and within five minutes went over the line in the same corner to give themselves a healthy lead.
This meant nothing because the opposition were bigger and were capable of making huge breaking lines. Fortunately, when they did, the players were fast and focused enough to get back and prevent them from putting points on the board by forcing a knock on thus retaining possession and working their way back down the field to put the ball down just left of the posts.
Half time score 20-0 (3T, 1P, 1C)
In the start of the second half, the players showed their true love and knowledge of the game when an on field decision on the 22 meter line sent strong runner Tom Morrison running from open side to blind creating the perfect scoring opportunity for Lachlan Craig. A perfect try saving tackle from Odhran Mahony (2nd year) and one more try under the posts in the second half capped the game at 32-0.
Full time score 32-0 (5T,1P, 2C)

Try scores; Connor Mac Carthy, Connor Padden, Chris O’ Brien, Lachlan Greig and Jamie Fogarty.


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