French Theatre for Schools visits CBS

02 April, 2019

French Theatre for Schools put on the show Le Rôle for first, second and third year French students. The play told the story of a French girl who had been offered a role in a production in the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. However, because she could not speak English she did not think that she would be able to take on the part.

Six students from first year and second year took on speaking parts and played their roles superbly throughout the play.

French Theatre for Schools est venu à CBS pour mettre en scène la pièce, Le Rôle, pour les élèves de français du Junior Cycle. C’était une occasion chouette d’écouter et de regarder parler les Français en direct.

Félicitations à nos six élèves qui ont interprété des rôles pendant la pièce. Ils étaient formidables! Bravo! 

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