Use VSware to access your son's term reports, attendance information and timetable.

During subject choices in 1st, 3rd and 4th years you will also be able to submit your son's preferred subjects.

Click the image to access our VSware log in page on a brower.

A VSware app can also be downloaded from the Apple and Andoid stores. (This app is separte to the main school app). Search VSware, wherever you get your apps.

Under School name enter "Christian Brothers Secondary School".





VSware - How-to Guides

Click on the Icon below for instructions on how to use VSware, including:

  • Log in if you HAVE your username and password
  • Log in for the 1st time
  • If you have forgotten your password
  • Log in if you do not have your Username
  • Enter Subject Choices
  • View Term Reports



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