First Years

In their First year, pupils are divided in classes of mixed ability, based on their scores at Assessment Test. The Assessment test is held in the school during a Saturday in January and it tests the students’ abilities of Verbal, Reading and Numeracy. The test also helps to identify those students who may need special assistance in these areas in their first year.

First Year Students at the Library Launch - 2019


Core Subjects

Option Subjects




Business Studies


Materials Technology (Woodwork)

French or German**



Technical Graphics (Drawing)







Physical Education (PE)*


Civics, Social & Political Ed (CSPE)*


Social, Physical & Health Ed (SPHE)*




Students will study two of the subjects from the list of Optional Subjects after sampling all six subjects.
Students are guaranteed two of their top three choices after indicating their preferences.
*indicates that the subject is not examinable at Junior Certificate.
**indicates that students will study either French or German after sampling.








1st Yr students at Materials Technology

A large selection of subjects are offered in 1st Year – the ‘core’ subjects, which all students are required to study alongside the ‘option’ subjects. Student are provided with a most extensive sample of these option subjects in First Yr This is to help them make the best informed decision, when selecting the ‘option’ subjects which they will take in 2nd Yr and onwards to their Junior Cert. Some of the option subjects are offered on a Modular basis which allows for a greater concentration of classes over a shorter time period, while other option subjects continue throughout the school yr, with lesser classes per week.

Regular class examinations take place throughout the school year, with full house exams for all yrs at Christmas and Summer. The Summer 1st Yr Examination is of particular importance to 1st Yrs with all students sitting a common test in each subject. This is to provide a consistency, when determining the abilities of students for particular subjects and the level within that subject when the student commences 2nd Yr.


Special Needs

Our Learning Support teacher, Ms Maureen O’Mahony is on hand to identify those students who require learning support across the 1st Yr curriculum and to advise on the best course of action to be followed in the case of students requiring ‘special needs’ assistance. Enquiries in this area should be directed to Maureen by arranging an appointment through the school office at or 021-4631555




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