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Ms Nash going through the Career Portal site with a studentGuidance in post primary schools refers to a range of learning experiences provided in a developmental sequence, thatassist students to develop self-management skills which will lead to a effective choices and decisions about their lives. It encompasses the three separate, but interlinked areas of : 

  • Personal and social development
  • Educational guidance
  • Career Guidance

Personal and social development

Personal counselling is a very significant service within the guidance and counselling programme and is availed of by students from all year groups throughout the year.

How does my son access counselling?

Self – referral

A student can call to the Guidance office between classes to make an appointment.He can also speak to a subject teacher who will then arrange an appointment for him with the counsellors or Chaplain. Office also open through lunch on Wednesdays – speak to counsellor.

Parent – referral

A parent can contact the school at any time to request a counselling appointment.


Teachers can refer students whom they are concerned about.Parents are informed.

Educational Guidance

Guidance counsellors attend Pastoral Care team meetings where we identify students in need of educational guidance , or counselling and allocate staff to meet with these students.

Career Guidance

Visits and trips to career events,colleges and industry , and presentations by speakers from colleges,industry, and youth welfare groups take place throughout the year.

Contact Us

Parents are most welcome to contact the Guidance office regarding your son’s progress or any queries you may have.

Ms Deirdre Nash & Ms Kim Cullinane
Phone: 021 4631555
Email –

Guidance Delivery – Junior Cycle 

1st Year

In first year our primary focus is on transition from primary school, establishing a warm working relationship with the students, personal and social health and subject choice for 2nd year.


Guidance counsellor along with other school personnel (including Learning support colleagues) meets with 1st years on day of entrance test. Administers entrance test and liaises with colleagues re: those students whom the test has identified as having special educational needs.

Post – entry

Guidance Counsellor liaises with parents whose children have been identified pre- entry as being in need of additional support

Orientation Programme

Exploration on the themes of new beginnings and transition to secondary school in Religion and SPHE classes

Guidance counsellor delivers study skills information and exam technique information in whole class setting to 1st years- first years are encouraged to come to Guidance counsellor for individual help in this area if needed.

1st yrs are given a tour of the Guidance office and library, so that they know where to go if they need to speak to the Guidance Counsellor

Guidance counsellor along with other school personnel (including SPHE teachers, English teachers, Art teacher) delivers 2 classes on the Midleton CBS Anti Bullying Programme (Link to Anti Bullying Policy here)

2nd Year

In second year we focus on academic achievement, & personal and social development through collaboration with the CSPE/SPHE team.

The initial focus will be on helping them to set personal and academic goals for the year. Guidance Counsellor will deliver study skills session in class- individual support available if required.

Midelton CBS Anti bullying programme revisited in SPHE class.

Personal counselling will be provided as appropriate.

3rd Year

At third year level we introduce post 2nd level study opportunities, provide students with the skills to prepare for state examinations and guide students through the decision making process re and subject options.

Study and exam techniques also covered in class by Guidance Counsellor,with support from subject teachers.

Introduction to the career pathways that are open to students post leaving cert and discussion on requirements for these pathways.

School visits by college Science, Engineering, Business Depts to inform students re the relevance of their Leaving Cert subject choices to career paths.

Subject Options Decision making process

Course choices post junior cert and implications of these choices presented to parents and students.

Staff make presentations to students on content of, and aptitudes needed for particular Leaving Cert subjects.

Staff consulted on suitability of individual students for Leaving Cert subjects – students advised of their teachers’ recommendations at small group meeting with Guidance Counsellor.

Guidance counsellor to meet students in small groups(and individually if needed) to discuss choices with them.

Also available to discuss subject choice individually with parents.

Midleton CBS Anti bullying programme revisited in SPHE class

Personal counselling will be provided as appropriate.

Guidance Delivery – Senior Cycle

4th Year

In fourth year the focus is on career planning , on 3rd level course options and subject choice for Leaving Certificate.

Visit to UCC Spring open Day for interested students and visits from speakers from CIT ,WIT etc.

Work experience programme for transition years which will include input on the value of work placement, preparation for placement.

Work with coordinator in assisting students to find work placements.

Students given the chance to participate in Rotary Youth Leadership competition- students learn interview skills.

Liaise with transition year coordinator in organising speakers in the social and health arena eg Aware.

5th Year

We focus on the transition into the Leaving Certificate programme and on ensuring that our students can cope with the demands of the Leaving Certificate programme both academically and personally.

Aptitude Testing (DATS) and vocational interest evaluation – Careers Portal.

Rotary Youth Leadership competition.

5th yr Compulsory Careers Project

Assisting LCVP teachers with careers investigation for LCVP

Students attend UCC, CIT, WIT Open days, and receive school visits from college/ industry.

Envisage to strengthen links with local industries, such as the booming medical device sector – plant visits etc

Individual guidance meetings on request

6th Year

In 6th year the emphasis is on helping students to make decisions with regard to their future and in setting and achieving their academic and career goals.

Compulsory Individual guidance meetings to avoid untenable workload come CAO time.

Help students to set academic goals for the year and decide how they are going to achieve these goals. Revisit study and revision programme.

Information session on financial supports for 3rd level

Career talks in school and open day visits to 3rd. level colleges

CAO applications – presentations for both parents & students

PLC presentations eg College of Commerce.

Interview preparation for those applying to Defence forces / PLCs

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