Special Education Needs


The term Special Education Needs covers a diverse range of learning difficulties from specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, medical needs, emotional disturbance and physical disabilities. 

C.B.S has a dedicated special education needs team which includes: learning support teachers, special education needs assistant, guidance counsellor and pastoral care personnel.

New Students

If your son has been offered a place in Midleton C.B.S and has special education needs of anysort it is vital that the school is made aware of these needs as soon as you have accepted your place.

If you have a Psychological Education Assessment for your son, please make this available to the school as soon as possible to allow us time to prepare the appropriate supports for your son.

If your son has had learning support or resource teaching hours in primary please indicate this on the application form in the appropriate space.

If your son has had resource hours in primary, it is necessary to make a fresh application for resource hours for secondary school.

The move to secondary school can be a stressful time for parents and students, even more so if there are special needs involved. Members of the Special Education Needs team are available at any time to discuss your son’s educational needs.

Students with special education needs may be provided for by a mixture of withdrawal classes where a student is withdrawn from a subject and in class support.

We endeavour to make the transition from primary to secondary as stress-free as possible. A rang of supports are provided for new students with special needs to make this possible.

Special Needs and State Examinations

Students with special education needs are provided for with Reasonable Accommodations in Junior and Leaving Certificate.

More information is available about this on the State Examinations Commission website, www.examinations.ie

Current Student

A student may be referred to the special education needs team if there are concerns regarding his learning performance. Referral is usually made by subject teachers, parents or the guidance counsellor. The learning support team will then assess the student and decide whether he needs extra teaching support or perhaps referral for an educational assessment with an educational psychologist.

An educational assessment must be carried out by an educational psychologist. C.B.S Midleton has an assigned NEPS psychologist; however the numbers of assessments available to the school are extremely limited. Students are prioritised for assessment based on severity of need.

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