School Year Calendar 2016-17



  • Mon 29th:   1st Yrs commence Secondary School - FULL DAY
  • Tues 30th:   3rd & 6th Yr Pupils return
  • Wed 31st:    2nd Yr Pupils return



  • Thurs 1st:       5th Yr Pupils return
  • Fri 2nd:          Transition Yr pupils return




  • Fri 28th:     Close for Mid-Term break - 1 week  



  • Mon 7th:    Return from Mid-Term break



  • Parent Teacher Meetings 6th Yr Pupils     4.15 to 6.30pm    -  Thursday 1st Dec
  • Parent Teacher Meetings 3rd Yr Pupils     4.15 to 6.30pm    -  Tuesday 6th Dec
  • Thurs 22nd:      Close for Christmas Break  


January '17

  • Mon 9th:        Re-Open after Xmas Break
  • Parent/Teacher Meeting 1st Yr Pupils   4.15pm to 6.30pm    -  Thursday 12th January
  • Parent/Teacher Meeting 5th Yr Pupils   4.15pm to 6.30pm    -  Tues 17th January
  • Parent/Teacher Meeting 2nd Yr Pupils   4.15pm to 6.30pm    -  Thursday 26th January



  • Weds 8th - Fri 17th:        Pre-Junior and Pre-Leaving Cert Examinations  
  • Tues 14th:                       Parent/Teacher Meeting 4th (Transition Yr) Yr Pupils   4.15pm to 6.30pm 
  • Mon 20th - Fri 24th:        Mid-Term break - 1 week   
  • Mon 27th:                        Re-Open after mid-term  



  • Fri 17th:                          St. Patrick's Day - National holiday



  • Mon 10th to Fri 21st:     School closed for Easter Holidays
  • Mon 24th:                         Re-Open after Easter break  



  • Mon 1st:                         Closed for Public Holiday



  • Fri 2nd:                         Final day of school year
  • Wed 7th - Fri 23rd:       State Examinations



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