Music Student Notes


  • To promote through creative involvement in music and the pursuit of excellence the development o f personality.
  • To develop musical sensitivity and the critical and imaginative faculties.
  • To encourage social awareness and a n understanding o f the artistic views of others through musical activities.
  • To advance the musical skills and concepts acquired at the Primary level so that all pupils, including the very talented and those with special needs, can engage in worthwhile musical activities enjoyably and profitably.


In the new Junior Certificate Music Syllabus, all students are engaged in the same or comparable musical activities and have full and open access to all the main musical activities. The syllabus itself is designed so as not to contain any inequity or bias, particularly for those students whose experience of music is not primarily in classical or traditional Irish music.

The educational integrity of the new syllabus is based primarily on two facts:

(I) It is musical rather than academic in its approach;

(2) It has an educational logic based on the general experience and potential of students in the age group 12 to 15 years.

The new syllabus will allow all students wider access to performing skills. For this, it was necessary to incorporate a variety of options which would allow teachers and students to explore music using different musical materials and styles. In broadening the scope of the syllabus and in allowing for greater teacher/student choice, the particular musical and educational needs of different learning environments can best be promoted.



Practical - 25%

Final Exam - 75%


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